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Millet Cookery Challenge


January 20, 2019


Tripuravasini Palace Ground,

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Contact: Lakshmi - 9740714824

Millet Cooked Product Display Challenge

The International Organics and Millets 2019 Trade Fair is being hosted in 'Namma Bengaluru' for the second consecutive year. The Organics & Millets 2018 International Trade Fair was a huge success. The trade fair organized by the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka has been successful in drawing the attention at the global level. Today almost each and every household across the State and the country is well aware of the importance of millets.

The millet food products exhibition and competition was one of the highlight during the last International Trade Fair, which has inspired us to take it to the next level this year. The Millet Food Product Challenge this year will be held in two categories: a) Savoury; b) Baked Products.

Savoury– Snack or appetizer usually salty and spicy.

Baked Products– Products made using baking as the method of cooking.

Registration for Millet Cookery Challenge has been closed!

Event Timings

Savoury - 9.30 am to 12.00 noon

Reporting time: 9.30 am

Display time: 10.00 am - 11.00 am

Judging time: 11.00 am - 12.00 noon

Baked Products - 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm

Reporting time: 12.30 pm

Display time: 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm

Judging time: 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm

Registration For Millets Cookery Challenge

Judging Criteria

The maximum points per exhibit will be 100 marks based on the following aspects:

Composition 20 points
Degree of difficulty/creativity 20 points
Correct Preparation & Taste 20 points
Presentation & Portion size 20 points
Texture & Consistency 20 points

The ingredients used in the recipe must complement with the main item in terms of quantity, taste and colour.

Correct Preparation

The preparation should be free of unnecessary additions and ingredients. Dishes conceived shall be hot, but exhibited cold. Recipe mentioned on the card & the product should match.

Presentation and Portion

The dish must be portioned to serve three (3) members. Plating shall be done accordingly. Presentation must be creative.

Please carry the required material and a dust cloth to clean up the allotted space.

Texture & Consistency

The dish must conform to the standards of texture and consistency of the recipe (for both savoury and baked product)

Rules & Regulations

  • Every exhibit must be the bonafide work of the individual competitor.
  • Every individual is allowed only one entry, in one category
  • Entries are accepted on a first come first come first served basis
  • There shall be only 25 entries for both categories
  • The participants must be above the age of 18 years and not from a professional culinary background.
  • No change of categories will be allowed. In case of cancellation of participation due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizers should be notified immediately.
  • Participants must report at least one hour prior to the commencement of the competition.
  • Participants will be given 30 minutes to set up accessories before the commencement of the competition.
  • Points will be deducted if complete display is not exhibited within the space allotted in the respective category.
  • Participants must ensure that no organization name or logo is visible on any of the accessories exhibited on the display tables.
  • For judging purpose, the recipe cards must be placed beside the dish on the day of the competition.
  • There is no need to send the recipe to the organizers prior to the competition, but it should be presented during the competition.
Please note - If not displayed the participant will be disqualified.
  • The organizers shall reserve all the rights of the recipe copies used and photographs taken during the Organics and Millets International Trade Fair. Any publication, reproduction or copying can be made only with the approval of all the organizers.
  • In case if any of the participant is declared a winner and is eligible for a prize, he/she should be present at the venue, at the time of the prize distribution ceremony, or atleast ensure that there is somebody to represent them on their behalf.
  • If any exhibited food product is found to be deteriorated (beyond acceptable standards) and not eligible to be exhibited, the organizers will have all the rights to remove the same.
  • Entries in showcases must be accessible to judges or the competitor may face disqualification.
  • All packing/exhibit wastage (garbage) must be removed from the exhibition hall before the process of judgment begins
  • The organizers will not be responsible for any damage or loss of exhibits, equipment, utensils or personal problems of the participants.
  • Participants have to be present at their allocated display area before closing time to remove their exhibits and utensils.
  • The organizers reserve the right to rescind, modify or add on to any of the above rules and conditions and their interpretation of these is final. They also reserve the right to limit the number of entries per class or competition section, modify any rules and cancel any category.
  • Recipe Card- The recipe card should possess the title of the recipe, preparation and cooking time, ingredients with the quantity, method of preparation and a photograph of the dish.The recipe card can be printed on an A4 size card

Prizes - Savoury

First Prize Rs.10,000/
Second Prize Rs.8,000/
Third Prize Rs.6,000/

Prizes - Baked Products

First Prize Rs.10,000/
Second Prize Rs.8,000/
Third Prize Rs.6,000/

Certificate of Participation

Each participant of the specific category for which they have registered will receive a 'Certificate of Participation.'